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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Caribbean

Plastic Explosives

Ignatz, where are you?
(Previous line for my amusement only.)

The Caribbean is a group with an interesting and unique sound. Their disc Plastic Explosives lures us in with some nice dreamy guitar and a soft faraway feel. The songs venture hither and yon, reminding me at times of Architecture in Helsinki. I'm too lazy for links. I just like to highlight pertinent names. At first glance, 18 tracks makes this disc look loaded, but at least 6 or so are only a minute or less. They are a bit harder to describe than the rest of the disc. Some involve conversation, whistling, and very short musical interludes. All in all, this is a very smooth and laid back disc. What's particularly pleasing are the tracks towards the middle and end that go with a slightly offbeat and ear catching rhythm. It works. This wouldn't find heavy rotation in my MP3 player, but it's not at all bad.
Clermont compares them to Simon and Garfunkle, The Shins and The Dismemberment Plan. I've only heard of one of these groups and have to disagree. I haven't written my official review of the disc yet, but so far I'm leaning towards a B+.

Oh No
A proper yet brief review.

This was an interesting little twist. Most of the bands I get a chance to listen to are bands that I have not heard of in any way shape or form. The same could be said for OK GO until Saturday night about two weeks ago. They were the musical guest on MAD tv. Two things got my attention. First, the song was really good. Second, they made no bones about lip synching it. They had a.. well.. dance routine set up instead, if you can call it that. It was fun and it showed that these guys have a sense of humor. Musically, they are all business. OK GO is another modern group that reminds us that while rock is continually and subtly changing, it is not dead by any means. The CD Oh No rocks almost all the way through from beginning to end, taking a breather every now and then before hitting it's stride at the end. The easy single of the bunch is A Million Ways. All in all, this disc got an easy A. There are many reasons a disc can be considered good. Deep lyrics, catchy riffs, originality and more. This one earns it musically. Nothing deep here. Just good catchy rock. OK GO for it.

Friday, September 30, 2005


Oh No.

Nice rockin' disc.
More details later.

Why later?

I've spent two days reloading TWO computers from the ground up. Not fun.