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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Lazyboy TV

is an interesting little cd. When I first started listening I immediately thought of Chumbawamba. While there may be a hint of similarity, these guys definitely have their own sound. When I heard the dance beats I was sure it was going to go disco on me, but that never happened. Instead I was treated to all kinds of miscellaneous trivia. I learned such things as "the only book more published than the bible was the Ikea catalog" and ....well... many other things my brain hasn't quite been able to absorb upon first listen. The lyrics are 60-80 percent spoken word depending on which track you happen to be listening to. They are all very entertaining and engaging. I found myself really paying attention to every word.
Interestingly enough, there is a remake of "Desiderata" that is done very well. My preference will always be for the National Lampoon version, Deteriorata. There is also a track that is very detailed about terms for types of marijuana and how to make a joint.

All in all, I would give this 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, had I any stars to give. Seeing as how I have none, I shall give it a hearty "HI-YO-Tinfoil!!!" which will be lost on any of you who have not had a chance to watch the Lone Ranger. Shame on you.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

BTW...slight change in the title. The official name will stay the same for now.

"Monkeys are funny" is showing up in too many places.

BTW.. in my first post I said Jeeps rock. Wrong. They suck.

is definitely a blog worth checking out. I don't think she's posted much lately, but the girl has got something to say. As proof, she has said it in a few independent films.
My goal is still to put together one or two of those someday, but I suppose real life has to take over once in a while. Work, remodeling, and soon a child will dominate.

Remember. When all else fails, tuck your head between your legs and breathe deeply. It won't really help, but at least you'll feel lightheaded.