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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Wow. God bless Bank One, and may they rot in hell for eternity. After being a cardholder in wonderful standing with Citibank for many years, Bank One bought the rights to my reward, and I couldn't change it to stay with Citibank. NOW, Bank one has decided the time is right to up the interest rate by about 8 percent!!! Time to write the letter and close the card.

As I always say, BANK ONE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, Pravda rocks!!! I just got my 3 cd set of Ktel style remakes. These things absolutely ROCK!! WOOO!!!

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Kathryn Cramer: Halliburton Pulling the Plug on GI Communications

Umm....now why would they want to do this!?!?

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I just decided to include the Agonist link for those who haven't seen the site yet.
It was a full weekend full of news of our blatant mistreatment and abuse of Iraqis. A reservist helped blow the whistle on these crimes, and as a thank you, Halliburton is cutting off internet access for 90 days. Lovely. We had a halfhearted apology or two for good measure. How is it possible for all the "polls" to show Kerry and Bush in a dead heat!?!? I put that in quotes since there are so many variables.
Ah well.... In my little corner of the world, life isn't bad. Life is, in fact, good. So do what you can in your little corner of the world. Make things better. Smile. We all need all the help we can get.