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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Electrocute -- Troublesome Bubblegum
Let me start by quoting from the book of Gregg. Hoo-wah! If there is one thing I truly appreciate, it's apt naming. As a matter of fact, this blog may take on a new title soon to reflect the new musical content. But that's not why we're here now, is it?
We're here today to talk about a raw, rocking, jaw dropping, fist pounding, crotch grabbing girl band. I think it's pretty important that I note the fact that generally speaking, I am not a huge fan of girl bands. I kind of dig Shonen Knife, and The Sugar Twins are a nice change of pace, but Electrocute ripped my head off and set it on my ragged bleeding neck--backwards! These are the girls "Superfreak" was written about.

Let's get this out of the way. This disc is about two things. Sex and fun. Got it? As a matter of fact, this is the first disc I had ever listened to where I was ready to write it off as "great disc but not suitable for airplay!"
--It's at this point I really should mention that I review these discs for WFHB in Bloomington, Indiana, so airplay is always a consideration.--
I knew something was up when I had the first track kicked on and I heard "You've got bad habits as bad as your skin." They had my attention. To be more concise, this disc is replete with witty lyrics, solid guitars and some decently used synth.

And the album title couldn't be more appropriate. Troublesome Bubblegum indeed! This is indeed pop with a hard, sharp, biting edge. Many of the songs have an obvious adult theme to them, and with no apologies. With the exception of North 14, this disc keeps rocking, pumping, and screwing all the way to the end. Trust me, given the content of these songs, that's a very appropriate euphamism. There are some change ups here and there as they hit a retro techno dance vibe, but for the most part it's hard rocking guitars and slightly distorted and ever so fuzzy lyrics. This is one I'd like to crank up hard next spring with the windows down, just because.

A all the way, baby!