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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Aaaannddd it's official! The woman that died on ... or off.. the Raven enriched our gene pool just a bit. Apparantly, as the rollercoaster was on a drop, she stood up! OOPS! Bad idea.
The weather is... and was... and hopefully won't be... miserable. Since Spring began, we've flirted with 80 degrees once or twice and that's it. It's now the beginning of June and we can't get above 70! The few times it does, we get rain. How depressing.
Need to kill even MORE time?! Then go here for a farking good time! If you are on a high speed connection, the photoshop contests are well worth checking out. I have gotten much better at those, but am not nearly as good as the total farkers on there.

Rah rah.

Monday, June 02, 2003

News to amuse...
A woman died recently in a roller coaster "accident" at Holiday World. At least she died with a tummy full of free soda! After reading the story at WTHR it's hard to tell what happened. Everything seemed to be okay, and they are inspecting the hell out of the thing. Apparantly she is part of a roller coaster enthusiast club, and "may" not have put on her seat belt properly. Knowing human nature, the coaster is fine, it's the person that's defective.

In other tragic news, as of today, if I"m not mistaken, the FCC has decided that we will now hear the news the way the corporate giants want it heard! In another staggering blow to freedom in America, limits are being lifted on how many stations a company can own, as well as what types of media they can own as well. The paper you read and the channel you watch could have the same owner, thereby spouting the same crap. Rah rah. Bush bush.. rah rah. For God's sake people, if there is a corpse running against Bush next election, it should be a no brainer. The corpse should win by a landslide!

BTW.. what is UP with this weather? It's Southern Indiana, JUNE, and it can't hit 70 degrees!! I just got a Jeep this year and I've only had the top down a couple of days. From what I hear, the average high right now should be in the upper 70's. DAMN you, El Nino!

Got some time to kill? Have some fun here.. good stuff...