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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Well, here's my first rather discouraging update. It's now been one week since I went downtown to approach a county council member about the process of asking for funds. Again, I left my name and number with two people. How many calls did I get? None! Pretty insane, huh?

Oh..and since I'm writing about things that piss me off lately, I'd like to add a few choice words about Old National Bank and their lust to get your dollar. I incurred many penalties and much wrath after I made a boo boo. In case you are not aware, it is up to the banks discretion as to whether or not they waive any funds. These guys wouldn't budge a fucking inch. Supposedly a person at one branch was going to contact the branch where I opened it. Why? Because only the ORIGINAL branch can do anything! Crap on a cracker.

So, needless to say, life is kind of fucked up right now. I think it's a pretty good snapshot of the country as a whole. Elected officials who don't give a rats ass along with big business who don't give a goat's testicle. That pretty well sums it up.

In other news, I had the chance to hear Gabby LaLa, another asian artist. Do you like Shonen Knife and/or Pizzicato Five? If so, you may like Gabby. Nothing special on her new disc, whatever the hell it's called. Something about getting what you wish for.. or being careful, or some such thing. I have the attention span of a retarded dwarf flea, so you may have to figure it out on your own. Anyway, not a bad disc, but nothing special. Fun and fluffy with some George Harrison inspired sitar thrown in here and there for good measure. It beats sitting in your car on a hot day.