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Thursday, June 24, 2004

So many thoughts.. well.. 3 or 4... a lot for me..

I wanted to update the look of this old thing, but I'm afraid if I change the template I'll lose some of the extras. It could stand to be cleaned up quite a bit, that's for sure. The template I'm using is from Bloggers early days. They've got some spiffy new designs. Hopefully I'll be able to do something nice. I'd also like to add a comments section, but it doesn't seem to want to work. Maybe I've messed with my template too much.

What the hell is it with these damn discount cards? Every frickin' grocery store is using 'em. I also have a CVS card, but.. BUT.. I never filled out the application, so I get the discount without the tracking! Woo Hoo! I won one! Oddly enough, Osco Drugs tried it and dropped it. (Happiness ensued.)

If anyone (besides my wife) actually reads this, drop me a note. (I say cautiously.) I'd be interested in finding out who reads this and why.

Not much else new to report. Work has been kicking my ass. I guess that's a good way to sum it up. I haven't been able to do much else this week, although I hope to have a little informal film project to work on using the neighbor boy as a subject. Think Benny Hill at 7. Something like that. I'll have to see what takes shape.

That's about it! Howling at the Moon 1-3 AM for your listening pleasure!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

FOXNews.com - Politics - Senate Votes to Up Fines for Indecent Broadcasts

Whee! Lucky us! All serious problems in our country have been solved! Now we can raise indecency fines!!!


Monday, June 21, 2004

MSN Money - Suing your HMO just got harder - Insure your health
You know.. sometimes it seems like insurance is a sucker bet anyway. Don't forget. That's what it is. A bet. Have an HMO? SUCKER! Read this article and cross your fingers your life isn't in their hands.
My father had an HMO years ago that nearly killed him. It was luck, strength, and a doctor who knew how to do what he had to that helped.

By the way. If you watch "Who wants to marry my dad" on NBC, I now have no respect for you whatsoever. Period.