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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Even though I am reasonably sure I have a link to my Yahoo group on the page, I am including a bonus post for those that haven't visited! I post my playlist weekly. The following is this weeks post. WFHB streams online. Give it a listen! If you can't, join the club! With a few more readers, I may be inclined to be a bit more interesting!

Greetings, welcome, and salutations! It's time for another razzie award winning issue of HATM-The print edition!
As everyone is surely aware, Ray Charles passed away one week ago today. As my Dave Blood tribute went so terribly bad some time ago, I figured I would pull back a bit and lead off simply with 3 Ray Charles tunes. Somehow I used 2 covers. They must just call to me now. I can't quite explain it.
While not pulling extensively from the library, I am still picking through our add pool, which are new releases from various artists. So far I'm pretty happy with what I'm finding, which also says a lot about our reviewers. I rely on what sort of description they give me, and so far they have been giving me enough detail to come up with some pretty good tunes! I haven't been noting them lately, but I'll go back to the a (add pool) and p(pond) notations for new and recent releases, respectively.
On to the show!

Ray Charles --------------------- Ain't That Fine
Ray Charles --------------------- Let It Be
Ray Charles --------------------- You 20th Century Fox
Carl Perkins -------------------- Blue Suede Shoes
Johnny Cash --------------------- I Walk The Line
Stan Freberg -------------------- Heartbreak Hotel
Dr. John ---------- How Come My Dog Don't Bark When You Come 'round?
Rick James --(bitch!)------------ You and I
Danny Kaye ---------------------- Minnie The Moocher
Fleetwood Mac ------------------- Tusk
Louis Prima --------------------- That Old Black Magic
ELO ----------------------------- Strange Magic
What The Kids Want -------------- 4:30 A.M. (a)
Sonic Youth ------------ Kim Gordon & The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream(a)
Martin Mull --------------------- Margie The Midget
Frank Zappa --------------------- Can't Afford No Shoes
The Bad Plus -------------------- Smells Like Teen Spirit
Rip Slyme ----------------------- Five Fishes
Art Of Noise -------------------- Dragnet & Peter Gunn Have a Day at the Races (Mark Gable Mix)
Pet Shop Boys ------------------- West End Girls
Kajagoogoo ---------------------- Too Shy
The Romantics ------------------- Talking In Your Sleep
Franke Goes To Hollywood -------- Relax
Kim Wilde ----------------------- Kids in America
Styx ---------------------------- Too Much Time on My Hands
TMBG ---------------------------- Don't Lets Start
Stray Cats ---------------------- Stray Cat Strut
Men At Work --------------------- Be Good Johnny
Bouncing Souls ------------------ Don't You Forget About Me
Mucky Pup ----------------------- Darling Nikki

And that was that! I must admit the show doesn't have a lot of direction right now. I may grab my martin mull LP and play something again this week. He was quite the wacked out hippie!!

Thought for the day:
May your significant other treat you as well as my wife treats me!

I'd like to know what the hell is wrong with the weather. I can't believe how much rain we have been getting! Strange weather patterns are at work, my friends!
In a bold and daring move, our great room is being transformed from gray to yellow, and I must admit, it looks good! Now if I can only keep the pain fumes from making me sick, I'll be alright!

Michael Moore's film Farenheit 9/11 is due out in over a week. GO SEE IT!

If anybody lives in or around Bloomington Indiana and sees this, PLEASE make sure to use Combs Veterinary for your pets. We have two dogs who recently paid a visit, and they are WORLDS better. Our youngest doggie, Bella, seems to have a thyroid issue and has been feeling much better as of late. It's very nice to see.

Any more random thoughts? Nothing springing to mind at the moment. Dropped the old sports show on WFHB due to "creative differences". I'm still doing the weekly overnights on Fridays. Last week I did a few Ray Charles tunes in honor of the man. Even got some WeIrD Martin Mull on the air.

MadTV..catch it!