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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Have you seen these annoying ads for Jamster.com? Well, I finally decided to check it out. Upon finding the terms and conditions, I found this piece. Check out the last sentence.

To unsubscribe, text "STOP" to 88888 or go to "My Clubs" under "My Jamster!" on www.jamster.co.uk or send an Email to billing@jamster.co.uk. The termination shall become effective immediately upon termination."

Wow. Clear as mud. Gotta love it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Well, kids... Christmas has come and gone. Hope yours was swell! We were pretty much socked in for the weekend. Almost 2 feet of snow will do that to you! The single digit temps helped as well.
BUT that's not why I'm posting today! I'm posting because I had a chance to review the new disc by The Presidents of the United States of America (boy, that ought to stick me in a few search engines!) Love Everybody.

The guys still have a pretty good sound. It is consistent with what we have heard before, but for some reason, the overall message is a little positive. Given that Lump was such a unique piece, I expected a little more songs of that ilk. There are one or two which may make you cringe if you really pay attention to the lyrics. Most of them will just have you tapping your toe and ignoring any words that come out of their mouths. The lyrics are generally pretty forgettable, although there are a couple of nicely written pieces in there. I determined it to be "copper clad fluff". It's fluff with a little bit of an edge. Again, not bad stuff.

Short and sweet is the way to keep those reviews, ain't it? I'd love to hear comments!