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Friday, June 24, 2005

I've had so many thoughts brewing around in my little head lately and haven't had the gumption to post 'em. Why? Hell if I know, but I'll see if I can rattle off a few random thoughts. I don't think this qualifies so much as a rant as it does general observations...

--I was watching an old episode of What's My Line recently from back in the 50's. If you recall, most people in show biz who were often in the public eye were generally intelligent, well mannered, and well spoken. It was a wonderful time when we had class. Somehow... over the years something has happened. Instead of portraying the best America has to offer, we now take the worst garbage we can produce and throw it on the screen. Examples? Suuuuuure.... The latest of course being the runaway bitch. She commits a crime. Felony? She doesn't have to pay FULL restitution, then she gets an interview with Katie Couric, who I have lost ALL respect for, and some book deal or something.
I want to be a Hilton. This gem of a show is ALSO on NBC. You too can model your life after a slutty heiress with more boobs than talent and brains.
The Nanny and Supernanny are both prime examples of exploiting dumb ass Americans who are dying to be on TV, even if it is to show what shitty parents they are! Nothing like reveling in others misery, eh?
On the plus side, there is plenty of harmless quasi-reality entertainment out there. Yes, our culture, such as it is, is constantly changing. I just hope we don't shove it into the gutter full force. Either way, we are still headed downhill. Looking at how much has changed in My lifetime, what can we expect the next 30 years to be like? Just getting through the first 4 is going to be a challenge, given what we have in the white house.
SPEAKING of which... the republicans are continuing to show their true colors. Between Hostettlers recent remarks and now the Democrats being forced to hold hearings in a basement, the GOP is doing everything they can to shit on whoever they can while they can. Apparantly they forget that normally what goes around comes around. It won't though. Why? Dems are, in the end, too classy to pull the same stunt. That's why they aren't calling for Bush's impeachment as they should. Well, that and the fact that they would all be labled as anti-american. The GOP seems to enjoy wallowing in modern McCarthyism.

Okay. Now I'm depressed. That's enough for today.... bleah.. I need food.