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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wowwee wow wow.

Yeah, there's a ton of current events stuff I have wanted to talk about. Yeah, I have my own issues I'd like to put out there, but most of all, I would like to turn you on to THE BEES!

I just got a chance to hear the disc Free The Bees.


This is a disc that takes the history of rock and snuggles it warmly, giving it cocoa and crackers. These guys create a sound so pure, you would swear you were listening to a group from 40-50 years ago. The Bees are saying, "We love this music and you're going to love it too!"

There's not a bad track on this thing, and most of them are outstanding! I encourage each and every one of you to tell some friends, and have them tell some friends and so on!

Or, at the very least, check out Itunes and see if they have any tracks available. If you want to pick and choose, I'd like to start you off with--

No Atmosphere
Chicken payback
The Russian.

Now go!