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Friday, January 16, 2009

AARGH! Who doesn't hate "Sandpaper Throat"? I DO! I've got it! I hate being sick! Yuck! I wish I could shop for medicine that was this easy to choose. Sandpaper throat? Yep. Got it. The closest we get now is the "nighttime sniffling sneezing stuffy head so you can get your rest medicine". Back in 1946, it was all so simple! I guess this approach didn't necessarily catch on, or I'm sure we would have heard of hose nose, faucet eyes, and gravel lips.
By the way, some of us really DO look like that when we feel miserable, too. Waaah!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Going back to 1940 for a moment, I found out how to get continuous action in feminine hygiene. ZONITORS! As best as I can tell, this stuff hung around in one from or another until at least the late 50s. Overall, the 40s seemed like an interesting and experimental time in feminine hygiene. From Lysol feminine hygiene (yes, it existed!) to this, all sorts of methods were tried. To quote from the ad- these dainty, snow-white suppositories spread a greaseless, protective coating... Non-caustic, contain no poison. Poison. POISON! Poison was a problem in feminine hygiene? AH! Yeah, just hand me those new Tampax, would ya? BTW, when was the last time anyone used the word caustic. Epecially "down there"?

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