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Saturday, October 04, 2003

Nothing like a change of sports to change ones mindset. My once beloved cubbies are now battling Atlanta for ..well, today. I say once beloved because that is leftover from the days when I actually followed baseball.

Hey! Lowes continues to suck! Since I quit there, I minimize my shopping trips, but once in a while I slip. The last one was a joy. We went to find a porch light. There was one that wasn't bad, but none were on the shelf. PLENTY were up top. I got the guy who was down the aisle. He said "uhh. okay.. I might be a few minutes. I have to find a ladder." As he disappeared across the front of the store, my wife pointed out the nice tall ladder sitting in the aisle. We wandered around for a bit, and went back to the original aisle. There was dork boy talking to another customer, no closer to getting us a ladder!

SO.. as I type, Lowes will continue to NOT get my money (Thank you, Menards!) and my wifey is out looking for lights elsewhere!


What a few weeks it's been. I am currently watching Illinois get destroyed AGAIN on the football field. This time by Purdue of all teams. Blech.
I have actually had an occasional lucid thought about various topics as of late but can't seem to draw up a single one of them!
In Playboy this month, there is an interesting article on the Wal-Mart-ization of the country/world. I suppose we should be grateful places like that exist. If it weren't for Wal Mart, who would the children of the world toil for day in and day out? It is interesting to see a fatal flaw in our society. As a consumer, we want everything for nothing. As a laborer, we want to make a living wage. Hmm. problem.
Here's another flaw. In this day and age where the stock market is king, companies no longer feel they have to answer to their employees or offer a generous employment package. Now an employee is told to invest and look forward to retirement! They want to pay you peanuts now which creates gigantic profits for them, which let's them throw a few crumbs to the shareholders. Yay. As an employee/shareholder you are supposed to be energized as your portfolio grows and grows!

Ahh. These are the sorts of thoughts that depress a man, I gotta tell ya. Our society is corrupt, run by greedy companies, and spiraling downard fast. There is all this talk amongst politicians about how to create jobs. The first thing that usually comes up are tax breaks. TAX BREAKS!?!? Most of these companies find ways to avoid paying tax in the first place!

GOTTA love america.

Now.. we have at least one more year of Bush and Dick. Tuck yourself into a fetal position and get back with me later.