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Saturday, October 04, 2003

Nothing like a change of sports to change ones mindset. My once beloved cubbies are now battling Atlanta for ..well, today. I say once beloved because that is leftover from the days when I actually followed baseball.

Hey! Lowes continues to suck! Since I quit there, I minimize my shopping trips, but once in a while I slip. The last one was a joy. We went to find a porch light. There was one that wasn't bad, but none were on the shelf. PLENTY were up top. I got the guy who was down the aisle. He said "uhh. okay.. I might be a few minutes. I have to find a ladder." As he disappeared across the front of the store, my wife pointed out the nice tall ladder sitting in the aisle. We wandered around for a bit, and went back to the original aisle. There was dork boy talking to another customer, no closer to getting us a ladder!

SO.. as I type, Lowes will continue to NOT get my money (Thank you, Menards!) and my wifey is out looking for lights elsewhere!



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