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Saturday, August 23, 2003

What an amazing weekend this has been so far. Bloomington is truly a unique and diverse city. At 3 AM Friday I am on WFHB community radio doing my show. At 5 AM Saturday morning I go to the airport, such as it is, to watch history. There is a balloon launch for about a dozen or so balloonists, along with a man who straps himself to a large bunch of balloons. He is one of two people in the WORLD who do this regularly. It was amazing. THEN, at 3pm this afternoon, I was at Karst Farm Park at the Bloomington Latino Festival. WOW. For those unaware, this is not a big town by any stretch of the imagination. Watching the community come together to share so many different events reinforces my fading view of human spirit.

This weekend.. Sunny and 85. Get out and DO something!


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