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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Egads. Not a lot happening as of late. I just caught the last part of the Blues Brothers 2000 on VH1. What a shame that a movie with such rockin' music should be so bad. It's watchable to me.. the same way some bad comedies are. If I know that going in, it's alright. Unfortunately, paying my hard earned bucks at the theatre, I was a bit disappointed.
The net seems to still be a mean mistress. I have been a member of mypoints for several years. It's a great site, and if you want to join, lemme know so I can get points for referring you! Generally, you get regular e-mails.. and a few points to read it.. and more if you respond. it's not bad. What's better is that they are teamed up with various merchants, and you earn points for purchasing over the net. I've racked up my share, and had earned a handful or two with my Digicam purchase. BUT.. for some reason the link didn't seem to collect the info.. or something.. and they never got posted.. BUT.. after many e-mails, hopefully help is on the way. I purchased this in.. oh.. June I think.. at least they are being helpful. It seems that once upon a time customer service was being held hostage by net biz, but that seems to be changing, I hope.

Did you see mars? I didn't. I need to read more about it. I saw some cool mummies on Discovery Channel! You're never too old to learn or be fascinated. If mummies aren't your speed, shark attacks are on the way!

Digital cable arrives Tuesday!


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