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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Wow. What a great weekend. I got to see Dave, Delores, and other people from Urbana. How incredibly cool. Let's see... who did I get to see again. (First names only to protect the innocent.)
Jennifer, Dave, Delores, Marcy, someone who's name I'm blanking on, and ..at least one more! I'm sure of it! Spent a lot of time wandering around C-U. I am trying to figure out what is more shocking. Going to a park and seeing how much has changed, or going to another park and seeing how much has stayed the same.
---Lesson of the moment--- Never try to post and watch Jeff Corwin at the same time. I'm going to have my dose of trash tv soon. Banzai TV on fox starts soon. Want to know some of the differences between a free society and a repressed society? Read the changes FOX makes to this show. The original DARES to show nudity which, of course, is a big no no here...

And......I'm spent.


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