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Saturday, June 21, 2003

Ahh.. note of the day. Don't try to edit this in Opera. 'nuff said.
Date of note-- June 5th. Dad died. Other than some stress related aches and pains, all seems to be going more smoothly now. MANY thank you notes to write to everyone who came. It was a truly wonderful experience. I wouldn't know where to begin to give proper thanks to all in this forum, so I'll do it privately.
--EXTREME ..something or other.. CHALLENGE!.. TNN! Thank you, Spike Lee for using your overinflated ego to deprive us of our OFFICIAL all mens channel..
For those unaware, TNN was going to go to SpikeTV. But WAIT! Spike Lee is named Spike! and people somehow associate HIM with Spike TV! Truth be told, most of us just associate him with making a fool of himself at Knicks games..

Thought for the day as I ramble onward...

Music.. downloading.. buying.. Let me get this straight.. It's illegal for me to download music.. and the RIAA wants to come forth and F up my computer if there are any MP3's on it. BUT.. I am currently buying a couple from Half.com. Is this legal? Is this any different from downloading? Aside from my money going to another person, how much is different? What if they have their own copy burned to a CD? Are they now the criminal? I have so many legitamate MP3's in my computer, as I have HOARDES of CD's .. many of which I play on WFHB. OOH! Maybe I better turn in all those tapes I dubbed over the years, eh?
In other news, The Senate is looking into overturning the rules that Michael Powell loosened. It's nice to know some people see the danger lurking in the shadows. Keep free internet. Keep information free.

TTFN.. guess my heart's not quite in this yet...


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