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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

What happened?

I guess this whole blogging thing isn't as easy as it sounds! I have to admit, when you get caught up in the normal day to day routine, it's tough to remember sometimes. I happened to have some extra time this morning, because our dogs had a puke a thon. I won't go into the details, but let's say there was enough to feed a small country for a week, mmkay?

Thankless... I think that's my word for the day. I may have mentioned before that I volunteer at WFHB! Yay for me! I have produced a sports show for some time now, with a degree of success. Yay! After some odd turns, it seems the hosts will be going to the local AM station two days a week! yay!

Without me! Y... huh?
Yep.... that's the joy of being the "talent". Well... I still hope to make something happen.

----------Joy of my posts... you can read 'em in a few minutes without takin' up yer whole day! Yay again!

Fun fun.


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