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Wednesday, April 16, 2003


How FRICKIN' long can two people walk up and down a shopping aisle?!
This was my thought for the day. Why? Well, I work in grocery stores on a regular basis doing resets. For some
unknown reason, there was an older couple, both on those little electric scooters that help you get around, and they
went UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN.. not literally, of course.. that would just be silly!!!

Whew. I've got that off my chest.

There's not many things in life better than coming home to 3 happy dogs.

Listening to now: The Pink Panther soundtrack by Henry Mancini. Since being involved with WFHB I've
been exposed to a great deal of new music. I've become interested in bands I have never heard of and probably never would have listened to before.
I can also thank E-music for that. I had a subscription recently, and downloaded some TERRIFIC stuff!

Find some music you've never heard before and give it a try. Turn the radio dial. Try community radio. It's good karma.


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