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Friday, August 01, 2003

Egads! It turns out an old friend from high school reads this! Naturally, if mentioned, he must be addressed with the highest regard! Actually, after many years of silence, as we all lived our own lives, I managed to touch base with him. I have to admit, that for a while I felt like an incredible underachiever, as I may have mentioned before. Of my three best friends from C-U, one is programming software, one is working at a university library, and the other is a FREAKIN' physics professor! Kinda makes things seem piddly for me, but since then I have become re-energized in my projects. I am determined to see the production work through as shown with the piece I linked to earlier. In the long run I wouldn't mind working on projects that are a little more meaningful, but this is a good start. What's even better is that there may already be a job opportunity soon! I'll wait and see on that. The key now is to STOP PROCRASTINATING.. as in ENTER STUFF IN THE BLOG already!

Ah.. well....
in the end...
it's not bad bein' me!


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