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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Hmm..I was just reminded today of what an imperfect entity the internet still is. In attempting to track down Brave Combo, I have had several odd events happen. But first!! I went to a local shop-All Ears that has a TON of used vinyl.. NOT ONE PIECE by BC. No CD..no nothin'! I'm not sure what that means. I did get a Laugh In LP as well as two Ronco collections. Those things are the best!
BUT.. I purchased an LP on E-bay. Pay with paypal! Yippee! Well, apparantly Paypal keeps your information FO-EVAH! I haven't used them in AGES, no longer have the e-mail addy on file, am not at the same address, and don't even have the same phone number! The only way to retrieve my password is to have them mail it to me! With luck the seller will work with me.

THEN.. I went to half.com to purchase a CD. Somewhere in the buying process I shut down explorer. I came back, tried to click on the CD to buy it, and it said it was purchased! Hmm.. not by me! Makes me curious. I could buy another copy, but I'd rather wait and see if the one I clicked on comes back. I was sort of hoping to have something by my next show this Friday, but I don't think I'll have any luck. I have a feeling that this is a group that would be best found at Barnes and Noble or Borders! I always go there (and pay a bit extra) for some of the harder to find stuff.

Live and learn! No cool links today. Too busy working..


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