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Thursday, August 14, 2003

ajc.com | News | Massive power outages This is a quote from the story.. one reason I think it should be followed..

"The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission attributed the blackout to failure at a Manhattan power plant.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, on the other hand, said the breakdown began at a power plant in Ottawa and spread to other areas.

Oops! Get yer story straight, would ya?
--- Okay... maybe I'm overreacting. BUT.. we get the wonderful little net virus that picked at one of my computers.. then a MASSIVE power outage.. not related, we are told..

I guess with things the way they are, it is a kneejerk reaction to theorize on my own instead of taking the information the media gives me. Maybe they're right this time. Who knows?

BUT.. if it turns out to be something nazty.. you heard it here first, kids!


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