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Friday, August 15, 2003

Well, the show is in the can, I got my required 3 hours or so of sleep after I got home, and all is well!

What an utterly UTTERLY uplifting feeling it is to get a call from another programmer commenting on how good your show is. That's truly amazing. It was a pretty good set if I do say so myself.

CURSE of the day.... to sites such as MSN and Half.com. There is now a NEW trick lurking at some of these sites! If there is a way to turn them off I have yet to find it. When you log on as usual and browse to your usual areas, a click will now take you to an AD vs. where you want to go! For example, every time I click my hotmail button on MSN I get taken to an ad for MSN 8. On HALF, when I search for something, I get taken to the Ebay page! LOVERLY! Backing up and doing it again seems to work, but it's annoying when it happens EVERY time!

Happy note again.. my hats off to Bruce and Out of my Head this morning. Good stuff!


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