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Sunday, September 07, 2003

The latest works This is a TREMENDOUS optical illusion site. Unfortunately, as I sit and type this, there are optical illusions staring at me making me a little woozy. Thank goodness for the minimizer on the upper task bar!

What a couple of weeks it's been. I just sold two photographs, am becoming a bit player in Hola Bloomington, and a regular at Megagrooves! Things are starting to look up! Now I just have to remember to keep taking care of wives, cats, and dogs at home! For those who are shuddering at the thought of a little polygamy over here, don't worry. It's only one cat...er..WIFE! WIFE! Only one wife!!

The seasons are slooowly changing. It's wonderful. We have had the windows open to bring in the 50+ degree breeze at night. Some leaves are falling, but that's mostly due to the weather. After almost no rain for two weeks, we got dumped on in a major way. Indianapolis got about 10 inches of rain.. IN A DAY! The White River runs through the state, and there has been some massive flooding south of Indy. In some areas, they've had a hundred year flood. I don't care to have any part of it! No sir!

If I don't call my relatives soon, I'll deserve a swift kick in a soft spot. Between my grandparents and my aunts, I am remiss in writing to them. I suck.

If anyone knows where I can get some nice, cheap sand pictures, let me know. Sand pictures are those little things with colored water and multicolored sand between two panes of glass that you can tip and change. They are really cool. I found some on the net, but they are a bit pricey. I'd love to have a new one!

Hopefully I'll find a few more cool links soon. I don't random surf as much lately with so much going on. But that's not a bad thing...


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