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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Cubby Creatures
After The Deprogramming

Well, this was a nice little disc to listen to! Apparantly The Cubby Creatures are the musical arm of "The Cubby", a San Fransisco based art collective. Please don't confuse "The Cubby" with "Mr. Cub"..old what's his name..some ball player who's name I don't see fit to remember.

ANYway... long story short, this disc is really cool. I've had the opportunity to catch some new sounds like Architecture in Helsinki among others, and these guys have a good thing going, even though they're from SF. I'm not knocking the place, I just don't ever expect much good to come out of there. They touch on various styles ranging from 60's garage bands to syrupy 80's ballads. But they do it well, so it's alright. Really. My personal favorite was a fun track called "Wallet".
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