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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Pardon me if I repeat myself. I made the mistake of flipping channels and staying on FOX news for more than the 2 seconds it deserves, and that's being generous.
IBM is joining a long list of companies that is doing away with pensions. Of course good old dubya is still dreaming of privatizing social security, throwing millions into unforeseen problems.
ANYWAY... to make a long story short, the anchor's quote was something along the lines of "IBM is doing away with pensions, essentially telling people they are responsible for setting up their own retirement".
I suppose you could look at it that way....OR... realize that pensions are from a time when a company rewarded you for your years of service. That's why you had to work for a long time in order to be fully vested. You see, once upon a time a company...say it with me now.. offered COMPENSATION for the time you gave to them. Now they expect it from you. Hence the upside down crazy setup we now live in.
I would expound, but methinks the wife is home from work!
Happy holidays, y'all!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I am officially amazed. I am also becoming more ashamed to be an American. I just receievd my new copy of Consumer reports, and in it they review 4-5 large sedans including the Ford 500 and the Chrysler 300. While I am not the poster boy for saving energy or fuel, I have always made some attempt to drive a vehicle that gets...well... decent mileage. Keep in mind that I remember the day when Volkswagen Rabbits and Datsun B210's roamed the earth getting around 30mpg. Are you even remotely interested in what these big behemoths get? Well, the good news is that the high end is roughly 25+ mpg. Sadly, the low end floats around 10 - 11.

Even though I probably shouldn't be surprised, I guess I am. I would have thought with gas prices spiking and warnings that overall supplies of oil were indeed finite that we would make SOME attempt at improved fuel economy. Guess it's just not in the cards.

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