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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First off... I'd like to tip my hat to a mister Donavan Freberg. I recently stumbled across one of his sites, and it's been one of my new favorite destinations. Over the years he's blogged about a great many things, but as of late he has been doing some video and audio stuff as well. http://babyboyfreberg.typepad.com/ is where you'll find it. I could dress that link up, but I'll let it speak for itself. Check it out.

Now my rant for the day. I'm currently waiting for a shipment from a seller on Amazon.com. My last experience was a bad one. I ordered an "as new" book that arrived with almost no packing and it was damaged. I recently ordered a CD for wifey. I hope they ship fast and ship nice.
I've done a lot of business on Ebay over the years, and in a way it represents the worst in human nature. Primarily because instead of feedback being left logically and honestly, a seller waits to see what sort of feedback he gets BEFORE he leaves feedback about the buyer.
So if as a buyer, you pay immediately and leave bad feedback, you may still receive bad feedback even though you were just being honest. It's a pretty shitty deal. I am happy to say that I stay above the fray. If I sell you an item and you pay quickly, you get good feedback. If you like what I sold you, leave me the honest feedback. If I screwed up, people should know about it.

I guess that's about it. I've had that chewing at my gut for some time. What the hell. Let's add some entertainment to this shindig.