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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Rumsfeld plans trim of 100 military bases is probably one of the more interesting articles I've run across. As noted on Fark, in the end, all will be blamed on Clinton.

Miscellaneous thoughts for the day--

--Republicans still playing dirty. Setting up a recall election to take the governorship of California. Electoral college, anyone?

--Strike strike strike! American labor flexes it's muscle! MTA employees out west are striking, Kroger employees are striking. Good for them! If the information I have is at all accurate, Kroger is trying to wrest away MANY pension dollars from their employees. Apparantly paying for insurance is also getting old for this idiotic company.

--Bush..Iraq... Iraq... Bush.. Rush...drugs...drugs...Rush.. PLEASE... vote sensibly this election.

Speaking of which.. who on the Democrats side is best suited? I had a huge hard on for Dean early, but that seems to be fading. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think Kerry would be a better choice. I like what I hear from him. He sounds like a stand up guy. I don't trust Clark an inch.

I think that's good for an early morning rambling. Tune into FHB this Friday at 3 AM for Howling at the Moon if you dare!


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