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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Wow. I suck. Here it is almost Christmas... and it's been a month. If anybody actually read this, I would be very very sorry. Fortunately for me, I'm the only one that ever sees this!

I don't even know what to throw in here, so I guess I'll go with a hodge podge and sort it out once the smoke clears.

Terror alert Orange. Yay. Cover your weiner in duct tape immediately. If you are lacking a weiner, go help a fella out.
The Colts are down 31-17 to the Broncos. Not the end of the world, but possibly a sign of things to come.
Our government and country are officially out of control. Remember the day when anyone could become president? Now you need a war chest of millions. I guess nowdays you also need the experience brought on by years in the senate or some such place.
Paige had a short play produced, and it did very well.
I just wrote a small piece I need to review tomorrow. We'll see, eh?

Go to bed. It's late.


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