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Friday, October 07, 2005

Giant Drag-- Hearts and Unicorns

As I listen to the final tracks on this disc, preparing to write the informal WFHB cd review, I find that I have either become overly critical of music or writers are shills. I'm leaning a little more towards the latter, but I have found that I have become a bit more critical with time.

Hearts and Unicorns, according to some web reviews, may as well be the second coming of Jesus H youknowwho. What do I hear? A not uninteresting grunge duo who have at least 4 bass players they use throughout this disc. The band is formally made up of two people, but the cd jacket reads otherwise. There are at least 6 other musicians who contribute.

This is my first experience listening to Giant Drag who have a previously released EP. Quite frankly, this disc doesn't do anything for me. As I said, it's not uninteresting, but it's not something that makes me want to give it another listen immediately. But there is also an interesting irony in this disc. The sound is undoubtedly grunge. I call it girl grunge only because of the vocalist. The grunge is practically throwaway stuff. On other tracks where the tempo is slowed and the guitar is turned down a few levels, these guys shine. If the disc were composed of more tracks like Cordial Invitation and Blunt Picket Fence with specks of Kevin is Gay thrown it, this thing would be a winner. As it is, it's an also ran. Those online reviews I speak of seem to think otherwise, so methinks there's something rotten in online review-ville.

Final rating--- B-


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