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Friday, February 20, 2004

Cheerleader Ninjas Official Movie Website!

Have you ever watched a movie based on it's schlock content? Well tonight, we watched Cheerleader Ninjas on PPV. Take a large cast, a couple of cameras, some nice body doubles, and a helluva lot of imagination, and this is what comes out! The movie is fun and campy, with pretty horrid acting, but that's part of the charm. Sadly, some wonderful joke opportunities were either missed or plain overused. Think Porkys meets an 8th grade stage play meets someone left alone with a gaggle of sound effects. It was well worth the price of admission, and it's wonderful to see a crew get their start with something like this. I hope to create an opportunity like that for myself someday!
While I can't necessarily recommend buying the DVD, I would recommend anyone who likes silly camp to check this out. If the DVD is 10 bucks or less, go for it!


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