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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

my Stuff and News [mySaN.de] - Justin and Janet Steal Super Bowl Show, According to TiVo
Now, I just GOTTA tell ya. This fascinates me. Michael Powell was outraged. Families across america were (supposedly) outraged. I say supposedly, because I don't know ANYONE who was actually angry at the Janet Jackson stunt that was pulled during the superbowl, no pun intended. Add with that, the fact that Tivo users across the country played that piece back over and over, and you have quite a few americans who were amused, to say the least!

In other news, moveon.org has sent an e-mail encouraging us to write to our lawmakers and urge a censuring of Bush. While an impeachment is what's REALLY called for, you have to start somewhere.

And, finally, winter has a stranglehold on the area. 30 degrees with ice and snow. Fun.


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