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Friday, January 30, 2004

Yahoo! Groups : hatm Well, THIS.... is mine. In the line of DJ's and hosts who like to do this sort of thing, I have a Yahoo group with a little summary of my show, as well as a playlist. A sample post follows.

How the hell did that happen!? Howling at the Moon #4 was billed
early on as "The best two hours of your life." I was quickly
corrected by the host of the previous show that it would be the NEXT
best two hours of their lives. I had originally intended to get
going hot and heavy with a selection of upbeat and punk stuff.
Somewhere along the way I got lost. I'm not exactly sure what
happened, but it certainly wasn't bad. I was very happy with the
show. Let's see if that happiness was justified, shall we?

Syndicate of Sound ----------- Little Girl
The Chakachas ---------------- Jungle Fever
Barenaked Ladies ------------- Who Needs Sleep?
Weird Al --------------------- I lost on Jeopardy
INXS ------------------------- Original Sin
Blink 182 -------------------- Violence
The Offspring ---------------- Why Don't You Get A Job?
The Bloodhound Gang ---------- The Bad Touch
Prince ----------------------- 7
The Strokes ------------------ Is This It
Tim Jiggy Jamz --------------- Howard Dean 4prez
Jamiroquai ------------------- Little L
Alicia Bridges --------------- I Love the Nightlife
THe Belle Stars -------------- Iko Iko
Living In a Box -------------- Living In a Box
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Do Ya Wanna Touch Me
Ben Folds -------------------- Zak and Sara
Ween ------------------------- It's Gonna Be a Long Night (Request)
Dead Milkmen ----------------- I Tripped Over the Ottoman
Pink ------------------------- Trouble
Liam Lynch ------------------- Rock n Roll Whore (With Jack Black)
Goodness --------------------- Electricity, Electricity
Trevor & Other Artists ------- I Quit
TMBG ------------------------- S-E-X-X-Y
Sweet ------------------------ Ballroom Blitz
Frank Zappa ------------------ Who Needs the Peace Corp?
Fatboy Slim ------------------ James Brown-Payback
Fantastic Plastic Machine ---- THe Girl Next Door
10 ft. Ganja plant ----------- Let the music Hit

I had a few extra notes in my head for a minute. The last song was something I just pulled from the pond, which is where we keep recent releases. Sadly, the reggae and funk section are woefully low. Ween was requested by a guy driving in a plow. He got top priority!
The Howard Dean song is one I pulled off the net in the midst of this Howard Dean scream-mania.
That's it for this week! I'm happy with myself for trying to diversify the show. It seems to be working well! Coming soon, I think, shall be the all vinyl show again!!!!


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