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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Your Score: Ravenous Brain

Your brains craves 58 % Exploration, 68 % Affiliation, 64 % Recreation and 66 % Sensation

Congratulations for attaining such a rare score!

We have determined that you have a Ravenous Brain. When it comes to craving stimulation your brain just can't get enough. It takes a little extra for you to feel content in all four dimensions because your brain wants it all. In fact there are some days where it can be difficult for your brain to feel fully stimulated.

Above Average Systems: Exploration, Affiliation, Recreation & Sensation


Our Exploration system helps us to organize our searching and learning behaviors. If you are trying to look for an object or new information then the Exploration system is helping you out. When it gets properly stimulated then you will feel emotions such as curiosity and inquisitiveness.


Our Affiliation system helps us to organize our bonding and connecting behaviors. If you are strengthening your relationship with someone then your Affiliation system is helping you out. When it gets properly stimulated you will feel that you are loved and that you belong.


Our Recreation system helps us to organize our playing, joking and goofing around behaviors. Whenever you are trying to play a game or let go from the stresses of the day your Recreation system is helping you out. When it gets properly activated you feel a sense of relaxed jubilation and carefree optimism.


Our Sensation system helps us to organize our sexual arousal and pleasure seeking behaviors. This is one of the smoothest running systems in the brain, easily capable of fading in the background as it operates. When it gets properly activated your can feel the chemistry between yourself and another person.

Secondary System: None

Thank you for taking this test. You have the chance to scroll down to near the bottom of this page and give it a positive rating. Even one positive vote helps.

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